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Erin is speechless. It happens at time. It’s not just that the situation is quite extraordinary, but also that Erin is autistic and sometimes she just loses her words. She doesn’t get the shutdowns that Emilia do, but sometimes she needs a moment to process things before she can speak.

↓ Transcript
SF: knaaaaaaaak

Erin: This is unreal. It's something I would only expect to see in movies or video games.

It feels like reality is breaking down. And I am hiding behind some sort of magic barrier, conjured by a strange cosplaying cat. It's beyond unreal. Is this what the outside is like? Am I supposed to accept this?

SF: fwooooooom

Charon: Just a little more!

Charon: *pant* whew, that was a huge one. Too powerful. Shouldn't happen here. Not this far from the Break.

Even I need a moment to catch my breath after this. At least I managed to keep one human safe.


Hey, human, are you ok?


Ah, that's right. I suppose this is your first time seeing something like this. We are in this town after all. Poor human, this must be a lot to process.

Prints for Sale

Just a small update: I now have a store at Society6 where you can buy items with prints of my art. There are a lot of different product, from art prints to iphone cases to fancy canvas print if you are drowning in money. You stuff printed with my art, and I get a small commission so it’s a win win. And if you have requests for some art you would like to see printed, you are welcome to leave a comment with your request, and I’ll see what I can do.

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Pledge to my Patreon to Read the Latest Comics Before Everyone else!

I have now added tiers and rewards to my Patreon. All patrons get to read exclusive posts, and if you pledge 5$ or more, you get to read the latest comics before everyone else! At the moment, I keep my Patreon content five pages ahead. This means that if you pledge 5$ or more, you get to read five additional pages. If enough people join, I’ll consider increasing the number. My current goal is to earn 200$ a month. When I reach this, I will increase the production of new comics. So if you enjoy Gravity Break and want to know what happens next, and you want to support a struggling artist, you should consider becoming a patron. Every $ counts. It also makes me very happy every time someone joins. I’m very cute when I’m happy.

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Shoutout to Generous People and Amazing Friends

I want to throw some recognition at people who have helped me get this far with Gravity Break: Cataclysm. Because I am super grateful for all the help from awesome people! To start with, big thanks to the anonymous person who bought me a drawing tablet. I don’t know who you are but this gift allowed me to discover a hidden talent for comic artistry. I hope you’re enjoying the comic that you helped make a reality! ^^ And thanks to all the friends who helped me by proofreading my comic, especially in the beginning when I was struggling to get used to writing dialogue in English. Lou is a wonderful person and they are selling lovely hand made pride bracelets (I have several and they are great! Really inexpensive too!) Please check out their Twitter! Lord Kristine is another friendly twitter person who is helping me generously! And they are the first (and so far only) person to have commissioned art from […]

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Yesterday, I created a Patreon. When I get some patrons I’ll start try to think of some interesting content to post there. For now it’s just one way you can support my work. And if you want to support me with money, Ko-fi is another option. Any contribution is highly appreciated. An artist gotta eat and all.

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First Post

Now that I have more or less gotten this website in order, I’ll keep working on the comic. I am really excited about this, and I am grateful for the people who helped me with all this. My friend who helped me set up this website, and those who are volunteering as proofreaders, and others. One of these days I’m gonna write a proper thank-you-everyone-post. I keep working on the comic, even if I won’t be posting more pages in a while. I just want to get ahead of schedule, so I can post regular weekly updates later. If you enjoy my work and want it to keep going, please consider supporting me via Ko-fi. And spread the word, tell everyone how Gravity Break: Cataclysm is a great comic. I don’t really have any other way to earn an income for myself so if people give me some extra money that helps me afford food and new underwear and whatnot. […]

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