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Chapter 2 begins, and a new cat makes nir entry. For the record, this cat goes by the name Charon and uses ne/nem/nir/nemself pronouns.

I’m really excited now that I’m posting the first weekly update. Feels like we’re getting started for real. I hope a lot of people will enjoy this journey. From here on, the plan is to post a comic every Friday. I’ll also throw in an additional page when I reach my earnings goal (at the moment we’re 30 percent there).

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↓ Transcript
Erin: Ugh... What happened? I was talking to Minkah, and then... I lost balance. And fell. And everything went dark. At least I'm alive... I think. ...Where am I?

My head hurts. And everything is blurry. I hear noises... Screams... Explosions...Emilia! That's right, I must pull myself together. I have to find Kitten.

Catperson: Hey, you! Can you hear me?

Erin: Who's there? Someone is talking to me. I should probably respond... How does speaking work, again?

Catperson: Hey, you!

Erin: Kitten?

Catperson: Human with pretty blue hair! Can you stand? Hey, you probably need to rest, but I'm afraid we don't have that luxury right now.

Erin: Who?

Catperson: I'm sorry I couldn't give you a gentler landing. I did my best to slow you down but.... I wasn't expecting a human to suddenly drop from the sky. It caught me off guard. Are you hurt? I'll carry you if you need me to.

Erin: Thanks, I can stand on my own. I'm dizzy and very confused, but I think I'm fine.


Catperson: Well, I'm glad you're OK. Things are about to get really bad here.

Erin: About to? Things look really bad enough as it is.

Catperson: And it's about to get worse. Those villains are doing all they can to make a bad situation worse. But don't worry, human, just stay close to me and you'll be safe.


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