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Page 25

Charon protects Erin with the power of Plutonic Love. Someone asked why it’s Plutonic Love so allow me to explain, because it’s a pun and I think it’s quite good! Charon is aroace guardian of love, and I assume nir concept of love to be platonic. And Charon is named after one of Pluto’s moons, which in turn is named after the ferryman of Greek mythology, who guides the souls of the dead to the underworld (Pluto is another name for Hades, the ruler of the nether realm).

So there you have it. And of course, Charon is following the naming conventions of the sailor guardians in the Sailor Moon anime, that nir outfit is based on.

↓ Transcript
Erin: I have no idea what's going on, but you seem to know what you're doing so I'll just follow your lead.

Charon: Then you have more sense than most humans in this town. Most just run away. I can't keep you all safe if you won't cooperate.

But enough about that. I sense a distortion in space. Gravity is breaking down at an alarming rate. Extremely dangerous. You should stay where you are. Any other path leads to death.

But you'll be fine, as long as you keep close to Charon.

I will keep you safe!

I am Charon, gendervoid ferrycat of the netherworld, guardian of friendship, justice, and all platonic passions! I protect the innocent, guide the lost, and punish
the wicked.

With the power of Plutonic Love, I will protect you!

Plutonic Life Shield!

SF: Fwoooom

Erin: Wow, seriously? And here I thought my confusion had already peaked. No way...


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  1. Nezumi says:

    Ne is adorable! Personally, I’m more homo-alterous (also known as quoiromantic and wtfromantic, but… alterous is a nicer term) than aro, but can definitely understand having different perspectives on love.

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