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Erin is speechless. It happens at time. It’s not just that the situation is quite extraordinary, but also that Erin is autistic and sometimes she just loses her words. She doesn’t get the shutdowns that Emilia do, but sometimes she needs a moment to process things before she can speak.

↓ Transcript
SF: knaaaaaaaak

Erin: This is unreal. It's something I would only expect to see in movies or video games.

It feels like reality is breaking down. And I am hiding behind some sort of magic barrier, conjured by a strange cosplaying cat. It's beyond unreal. Is this what the outside is like? Am I supposed to accept this?

SF: fwooooooom

Charon: Just a little more!

Charon: *pant* whew, that was a huge one. Too powerful. Shouldn't happen here. Not this far from the Break.

Even I need a moment to catch my breath after this. At least I managed to keep one human safe.


Hey, human, are you ok?


Ah, that's right. I suppose this is your first time seeing something like this. We are in this town after all. Poor human, this must be a lot to process.


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