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Page 28

I honestly have no idea how people would usually react in Erin’s situation, but I imagine I would likely panic freeze or completely lose my capacity to act at all rationally. And Emilia would definitely freeze. So I think it’s fair of Charon to judge, that Erin is quite adaptable. And Erin knows she is out of her depth. She has no idea what is going on, so she follows Charon’s lead.

↓ Transcript
Charon: And now, the human must find her soulmate, who is more important than the world to her. And then you will start a new life outside this village. This beautiful tale touches my heart. Of course I will help you find your Emilia. You need to be with her, that much is clear.

Let's go, human.

Erin: Thank you. I'm really worried. At least Minkah is with her.



of the humans I couldn't save.

I'm sorry I couldn't save you, human. And I'm sorry you had to see this, Erin. It must be hard on you.

Erin: Aah... I... um... need moment to... breathe... ok... I'm ok now... Let's just get away from here.

Charon: You know, you're surprisingly adaptable. You would make a good hero. Something to think about, when this is all over.


2 thoughts on “Page 28”

  1. Mellanvärld says:

    Is Charon implying Erin should take panyecea?

    1. Nyanby says:

      Not necessarily. In the original script, Charon suggested that Erin become nir pupil, but when I revised it I tried to cut down the word count a bit. Charon thinks that Erin would make a capable hero with some training, but we don’t know if Charon’s idea of what being a hero entails, necessarily involves superpowers.

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