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Minkah and Emilia both display some common autistic traits here. Minkah’s infodumping habit, for one. It’s almost funny, someone who I doubt is a returning reader to this comic, let me know that they found this annoying.

Which is, well, I know. Non-autistic people *do* find it annoying and weird. Otoh, it’s a very common part of autistic social interaction. In other situations, like professional settings, Minkah would definitely make an effort to mask their autistic traits. But with Emilia and Erin, they’re safe to act like themselves.

I think it makes a lot of sense, but I’m definitely not surprised if non-autistic folks find this a bit strange.

↓ Transcript
Minkah: Wow, this place has seen better days.

Emilia: Mew! Everything is so dirty!

Minkah: Like the saying goes, city politics are more fearsome than a gravity storm.

Emilia: Mree! Too much stink!

Minkah: Mm, the "seaside ecology protection ordinance". This was always the poorest part of the city, but people got by. Pooling resources and supporting each other. But that's bad for profit and worse for morale. So in the end, government just converted everything to a dumping ground for toxic waste.

Emilia: I already know all this. And Minkah knows that. I just like when they tell me things like this. It feels... normal. Safe. It helps me keep calm.

Minkah: Oh, but Em... Your sense of smell is stronger now, isn't it?

Emilia: Yes! It's like BOOM explosion of smells! And sounds! So many sounds!

Minkah: Hmm. That sounds painful. Your were hypersensitive even before.

Emilia: But it's ok. There are more sounds, but not more pain. And Emilia just realized something! I have night vision! It's so dark here but I see everything! This is so cool!


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