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“Safety is for respectable and law-abiding citizens only” is a most Minkah thing to say. They’re a warm and loving person, but when it comes to authority, they’re incredibly cynical. This comic may contain anarchism. Or a desire for a just and equal world, served with a healthy dose of skepticism towards authority.

↓ Transcript
Emilia: So many people! Shouldn't everyone be evacuating?

Minkah: Hah. Safety is for respectable and law-abiding citizens only. The people here can't afford to get involved with the authorities.

Emilia: That's why Erin said the docks would be safest.

Minkah: Yeah, this is the one part of Göteborg City where we won't have to worry about the police.

Minkah: At least, cops don't normally come here. But this situation is far removed from any "normal". I have to assume that normal rules don't apply.

Emilia: Hey, Minkah-fren... do you think she is... safe?

Minkah: Em... I... We have to believe that she is. For now, we should head for the meeting spot. She might be there right now, waiting for us. If she isn't, I'll think of something.

Minkah: Walk carefully. It's dark, and we didn't get to bring shoes.

Emilia: Mreep. But I have super night vision now! I will watch out for traps!

Minkah: Heh. Thank you, Em.

Cop named Glennson: Glennsson here. We found a tail. ... Hard to tell. Either way, we are supposed to apprehend it, right? ... Yes, we picked up some readings earlier. We must assume this one is mature. ... Yes. ... Of course. ... Understood.


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