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The cops are, of course, total bastards. It always bothers me how glorified the police is in much of popular media. It’s not surprising, but I don’t like it. So to counter this, I make my cops utterly despicable, almost like real life.

↓ Transcript
Someone: You two better stop right there! We are authorized to use lethal force. This means no annoying paperwork if we end up killing you.

Minkah: No... no no... they're here!

Emilia: Mreep!!

Cop 1: But we're still supposed to take you alive if possible, so it's in your interest to comply.

Cop 2: Hmm. So this is her? Doesn't look like much.

Cop 3: And yet she is a dangerous criminal. Her very existence is a crime against law and nature.

Officer Glennson: So, ladies, do you know why we stopped you?

Minkah: No, officer.

Cop 1: No playing dumb! Your friend is guilty of the most serious crime.

Glennson: Glennson here. We captured a tail. Pink fur, female. She is accompanied by a suspicious looking woman. No resistance so far, so we hope to bring them in alive.

Minkah: Suspicious looking? Woman? Not sure which part bothers me most. Damn pigs. And what the hell are they calling Emilia? Tail? What kinda cop lingo is that? They are so goddamn gross. And of course they are from MilZec. Just great...They're infamous even in that dirty business. But I guess it doesn't really matter now. Cops are all the same in the end.

Cop 3: Hey hey, normally when we find a tail we throw them out. The city has no need for people whose bodies show contempt for the law. But you're not getting off that easily. Right now, we have orders to capture any stray cat we encounter. Not sure what we're doing after that, but you can bet it will be tons of fun for all of us. Except you two, it won't be fun for you. That's the fun part!


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