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When you’re autistic, you will often hear that you shouldn’t “use your autism as an excuse”. Much rarer is it that anyone actually accept this excuse. Contrary to popular belief, people are not more forgiving to you when you’re autistic.

Still, sometimes, we find that we have no choice but to tell some pitiful story about ourselves, in the hope that we will be shown any sort of mercy, even if it’s the most humiliating kind. And even then, we know that it probably won’t work.

↓ Transcript
Cop 3: Hey, girl! Who gave you permission to sit on the ground like a... ground-sitter! Eeh?! No response? Cat got your tongue, haha!Because you're a cat! I am asking if you can't speak because you're a cat! Answer me!

Emilia: why cat tongue- Emilia is cat and has a tongue- I don't understand - can't speak - but he will be angry - you need to speak - what should I say? - he is dangerous - we have to obey - but we don't understand - what he wants Emilia to do - Emilia don't know what to do - scared - Emilia can't move

Cop 1: Hey, what's wrong with her? Doesn't she speak human anymore? Because it looks to me like she's just being difficult on purpose.

Minkah: I'm sorry, officer. My friend is autistic. Sometimes she loses all awareness of her surroundings. I know she has committed an inexcusable act, but it wasn't on purpose. She just didn't understand.

Minkah: I'm sorry for talking about you like this, Em. I just need a story that will make them not kill us on the spot.

Minkah: When I found out about her transformation, I decided to help her get to a gate so she could leave peacefully. Then the storm happened. I'm sure you have a lot on your hands right now. If you don't mind, we'll just continue on and I'll make sure that she-

Cop 3: Stop spouting crap! You think I give a single shit about your "circumstances"? You think I'm gonna be "nice" to miss cat because she is acoustic or whatever? You're both coming with us. Your friend choose a really bad time to give up her human rights! Now shut up and do what we tell you!

Minkah: Yeah, I didn't really expect that to work. I just don't know what to do.
I feel like I'm getting close to a shutdown as well.

No, I'll save the breakdowns until after I have gotten us through this. For now I have to think. Resisting is no use. But there are still lots of uncertainties. There always is, during storms like this. And that's our chance. I have thought a lot about how to take advantage of a situation like this. Never thought my obscure interest would actually be useful in the real world.


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