Page 33

Page 33

And this is where Liatris enters. This is also the last page that I shared on twitter before I had this website, which is why I added an epilogue-like text box at the end.

The purple voice is the same voice that spoke to Emilia at the end of the first chapter, helping her use her catgirl powers. It’s playing the role of a narrator here, but it’s an entity that exist in the story universe.

↓ Transcript
Glennsson: Now now, there is no need to make this difficult. Do what we tell you, and nobody has to get hurt.

Someone: That's a lie. A filthy, shameless lie! Someone always get hurt. But you should know that better than anyone.

Cop: Up there!

Cop: Who the shit are you?

SF; Swosh

Liatris: You employ violence in the service of an oppressive system, keeping down the poor masses for the benefit of private capital. You enforce the "law", which is nothing but a neat codification of the same vile maxim of the masters of mankind, which is, in every age, the life and soul of class society.

Cop 3: Hey hey, another cat?

Cop 1: This one is talkative.

Glennson: Lads, stay alert! I think this is the tail we've been looking for

Purple voice: This is our first encounter with her. Emilia is not sure what to think. So she asks: "A heroic villain, or a villainous hero?" And she is relieved. Because she realizes that it doesn't matter. There is something about this person that frightens Emilia. But there is also something that makes her feel safe.


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