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Liatris is probably my favorite character. I love her fashion and her style, and I love writing her dramatic monologues. She is dramatic and cynical and overly verbose. It’s my favorite kind of character.

↓ Transcript
Liatris: This world is always divided between classes of the oppressors, and the oppressed. And everyone foolishly believe their own place in this order to be permanent. You never imagine that there will be a day, when you finally slip and fall down from that sweet, sweet spot at the top

Cop 3: Bloody hell are you talking about?

Force people to kneel every day, and you'll convince yourself
that you are just so
much bigger than
everyone else,

But it never lasts. Sooner or later, the people will rise. And that's when you start to realize... how tiny you are. But there is no reason for you to worry.
Your fate is already sealed, after all. Even if you beg for mercy, nothing will change. You will learn what it is like, to be weak and powerless. And then you die. I am Liatris, Princess of the Night. And I bring you... death!


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