Page 46

Page 46

I really like how Liatris has a way of looking at things that is both cruel and cynical, as well as unusually humane. She is arbitrary but not really inconsistent. She has an admirable commitment to opposing and rejecting society at every turn.

On another note, I have sorted things out and should be able to offer transcrips again from here.

↓ Transcript
Minkah: Besides, Em, you even saved my life back there.

Emilia: But... I don't know what that was. Or who. I don't think is was Emilia. Emilia is... useless.

Minkah: No she isn't.

Liatris: Oh, but she is.

Perhaps this is about to change, but for most of you life right up to this point you've been quite the useless one.

Yes. Emilia, an autistic girl who isn't even allowed to be a girl. The world is too scary, so you hide. Employment is out of question. I'm sure people have told you this before. Even your own parents wouldn't hesitate.

Minkah: Hey, you...

Liatris: They're not wrong, but they don't get it.

Because it's not a bad thing, you know. There is nothing wrong with being useless.

Valuing people according to their utility is a tenet of bourgeoisie ideology. Capitalism only cares about you as a resource to exploit.

They tell you that being profitable is the very purpose of your existence. That's the system you live under, Emilia. But you see, that's why I'm here.

I'm tearing it all down!


2 thoughts on “Page 46”

  1. Lucia says:

    Okay wow… Liatris is currently my second favorite cat girl ever, right after Emilia! And her speech just then is very valid!

    1. Nyanby says:

      Gosh, that makes me happy! As the writer and artist, Liatris is my favorite character. She is just incredibly fun to work with.

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