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I like how Liatris is kinda arbitrary but at the same time, she seems to have worldview that can be said to be quite coherent. In her speech, she defends those who are deemed useless by society. She isn’t exactly compassionate, she mostly just rejects society in every way she can. She is someone who would easily sacrifice innocent people, if it would help her achieve her goals, but it doesn’t mean she look at other people as mere tools.

Though part of it is probably just her rationalizing whatever she is feeling at the moment. She likes Emilia, so she comes up with some explanation as to why she likes her.

And she shows no respect for personal boundaries. Don’t touch people without permission, only villains do that!

↓ Transcript

Now your friend here, they're phenomenal.
I would love to have them on my side.
They're certainly useful, unlike you.

But the same can be said for those cops.
pathetic as they were. Why, even as corpses
they have their use. Your friend had
some interesting suggestions.

Emilia: Nyah!?


My brain kinda ended up
on a necromancy track.
You know how it is.


But you, Emilia? I have no
use for you. And yet, you have
value to me. I couldn't let those
pigs hurt you. What do you
make of that?

Society doesn't forgive those who are
useless. But people like you are never
accepted by society, no matter what.

Society doesn't forgive
those who are useless.

Your friend is exploitable, so they'll be tolerated
for a time. And worked until they break.

But you're too broken already.
This city doesn't consider your
life to be even remotely valuable.

Even so, you
struggle on.

Society wants
you gone but to
hell with them,
you're still here.

Isn't it wonderful?

A weak and useless
kitten, facing the
most ruthless enemy
there is.

And you still
haven't lost.

You're beautiful. Your existence defies
the oppressive logic that this society is built on.

Every breath you take is a revolutionary act.

I think I'm falling in love
with you, Emilia.


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