Page 59

Page 59

Turns out Liatris was out of steam as well. And in case you’re wondering, yes she is plural. She doesn’t want to recognize it, so she usually suppresses her alter. But she can’t do that when she’s all out of strength.

↓ Transcript
Liatris: What're you saying?
Everything I do, I do
to honor my debts.

I have a debt to society.

Repaying it,
with interest, is
my raison d'ĂȘtre.


I still
need to-

Unknown: Haven't you had
enough, Liatris?

You're hurt and tired.
Isn't it time you-

Liatris: I just need to
catch my breath.

Unknown: Liatris. You're too
exhausted to move.

Liatris: Of course. That's
always when you
show up, isn't it?

Uknown: I don't have
much choice.

Liatris: You could just
leave me alone.
This is none of
your business.

Unknown: None of that is true,
and you know it.

Liatris: I never asked
for you to follow
me around!

Unknown: Neither of us asked for this.
But we are what we are.
Denying it will only
hurt you, Liatris.


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