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Today is one of the irregular Tuesday updates, sponsored by all the cool people supporting me by donating to my Ko-fi or pledging to my Patreon. Especially big thanks to the person who generously donated 30$ the other day, allowing me to reach my goal for an extra comic.

On another note, if you’re confused by which unseen character is speaking in the first panel, you can check the transcript. Transcripts are handy reading aids at times, and I’m glad that I’m now able to provide them again.

↓ Transcript
Minkah: Wow. You two really
went all out.

Charon: She got away. Failure.
But. Humans unharmed.
That's more important.

Minkah: Hmm, I see a
badly hurt one right
here, though.

Charon: Don't worry about
Charon, human. I'm
tougher than I look,

More importantly.
Human with pretty
pink hair...

Your lovefriend is really
worried about you

Emilia: Erin?! Did you meet
her? Is she safe?

Charon: I did. And she's safe.
Relatively, anyway.


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