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Page 61

Minkah is probably making the right call. Being spotted together with a catperson clearly isn’t in their interest, especially since they have no intentions of abandoning their home. And in the event of another fight, Charon would have another weak human to protect. Even so, it must be difficult to just part ways like this, knowing that there is a high chance they never will see their friends again, or even know what become of them.

↓ Transcript
Emilia: You have to take me to her!
Please! I... I'll do anything!

Charon: Hey, no need for that.
Here to help.

Minkah: Oh god, Erin is okay?
That's such a relief.
And I have so many
questions, but... this
isn't really the
time, is it?

Charon: Sorry, human.
Want to fill you
in. But. Not here.
Need to move.
Come with us?

Minkah: Hmm, no,
I think it's
safer for all
of us if we
split up.

Besides, I have
something else
I need to do.

Just promise to
take care of Em
for me, will you?

Charon: Don't worry, human.
Charon will protect
your friend.

Minkah: Yeah. I'll trust you with
this, Charon. Thank you.


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