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Page 64

Charon doesn’t want others to worry about them, but ne does expect everyone to respect nir pronouns. Ne may be reckless with nir own body, but when it comes to nir identity, Charon is very protective.

↓ Transcript
Erin: Ouch!

Emilia: Dear! You're hurt!

Erin: It hurts, but I don't
think it's anything

Emilia: It looks really bad! You're bleeding!


Erin: Charon!

Emilia: Nyah! I forgot about
them! I'm so sorry!!

Charon: Just resting.
Legs gave in.

Never mind me.
Didn't you have an
heartfelt reunion
going on?

Oh, but my pronouns are
ne slash nem slash nir. Please
make sure you get it right.


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