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Page 65

Yeah Charon, you were clearly chasing her. I think Emilia is being way too nice here, but Liatris did save her and Minkah so I think it’s understandable.

↓ Transcript
Emilia: Charon almost collapsed
several times on the way here.

Erin: I guess we've all
been through a lot...

Emilia: Too much, nyan. Charon and
Liatris and the police all tried
to kill each other.

Erin: Liatris.

Emilia: She protected us from the
policemen! And she's scary, but
I don't think she's a bad person.

Charon: Even she will save
lives when it suits her.

Even so, "not a bad person"
is taking it too far, human.

Anyone who values their
own life should keep as far
away from her as possible.

And you can read that
in every way it's intended.


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