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Page 68

Emilia was too exhausted to say much, but resting in her girlfriends lap while listening to her talk about familiar things, made her feel something resembling safety.

↓ Transcript
Erin: This used to be one of the
largest aquariums in the EU.

Endangered species
were preserved here.

Even after the

Charon: No, that's not it.

Erin: Huh?

Charon: This place is special
to you, isn't it? It's this
special meaning that
I'm curious about.

Erin: Ah, so that's what
you meant.

I used to go here all
the time, and then...

Well, it's where I
met Emilia. I can
tell you about it
if you want.

It's not the most exciting
story, but talking about
it makes me happy.

Charon: The best kind
of story.

Please talk
about it,


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