First Post

Now that I have more or less gotten this website in order, I’ll keep working on the comic. I am really excited about this, and I am grateful for the people who helped me with all this. My friend who helped me set up this website, and those who are volunteering as proofreaders, and others. One of these days I’m gonna write a proper thank-you-everyone-post.

I keep working on the comic, even if I won’t be posting more pages in a while. I just want to get ahead of schedule, so I can post regular weekly updates later.

If you enjoy my work and want it to keep going, please consider supporting me via Ko-fi. And spread the word, tell everyone how Gravity Break: Cataclysm is a great comic. I don’t really have any other way to earn an income for myself so if people give me some extra money that helps me afford food and new underwear and whatnot.

I’ll end this post with a drawing of Sailor Charon. Ne is a protector of love and justice. Ne is also agender, asexual, and aromantic, because, well, this is who ne is. Ne also have an interest in obscure pre-cataclysm pop culture, hence the sailor cosplay. Ne is the superhero the world needs.


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