Website relocation successful

For various reasons, I had to change hosting for this website. I really know absolutely nothing about this stuff, but it appears I was successful. If so, everything should work as usual.

Not going to go into why I had to do this now (it was very unplanned) but the result is that I should have complete control over this website now. I mean, except that I’m still depending on capitalist corporations and all that.

The fact that I can even afford to have this website is thanks to all awesome folks who are supporting me by subscribing to my Patreon or donating to my Ko-fi.

If you like what I do and you can afford to support me financially, I’m super grateful if you do so. It really makes a difference. It’s what lets me keep making art. I don’t earn enough to make a living, but at least I can cover any expenses related to my art, y’know.


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