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About me

I’m an asexual autistic trans girl anarchist. I share my life with an amazing lesbian and a badass aroace person of undetermined gender. Together with my enby partner we are a happy queer family.

In January 2018 I decided to become an artist and create queer as heck sci-fi comics. I hope that one day I can support myself through art, because my disabilities makes me unfit for almost any other type of work. Besides, this is a comic that deserves to exist. Please check out this page for ways to support me.

About Gravity Break: Cataclysm

Three decades after the event known as the Cataclysm, the breakdown of gravity and human society, few places are safe from the constant danger of gravity storms. The people of Göteborg City, one of the city states that governs it’s own piece of post-cataclysmic Sweden, thought they were safe. That is, until one a powerful storm hits just as the shields are malfunctioning at the most inconvenient time.

This just moments after Emilia transformed into a catgirl with the help of a very illegal substance. Together with her girlfriend Erin, she is going to leave the city and start a new life outside the walls. When the storm hits, the need to get away becomes all the more urgent.

Gravity Break: Catacylsm is, more than anything, a story about queer catgirls with gravity-bending superpowers. Because we always need more queer catgirls with superpowers.

The comic is updated every Friday. I’ll also throw in an extra update on Tuesdays whenever I reach my goal for Patreon/Ko-fi earnings.

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