Chapter 8 – Another You to Protect

Chapter 8 – Another You to Protect

Hello dear readers! Here is the title page for the next chapter (first page of which will be posted tomorrow).

I also just noticed that page 119 was missing. I might have messed up while scheduling that post two weeks ago, since brain was foggy due to (possible covid) illness. I won’t try to explain what happened because I don’t get it anyway. What matters is that regretfully page 119 wasn’t published as scheduled, but the issue is fixed now.

As for the Chapter 8, preview incoming!

While Charon is causing chaos and attacking the city law enforcement (with support from Raven), Emilia and Erin are getting closer to the goal. But the path towards freedom is cut off by a menacing enemy! Emilia is forced to retreat into her inner world, which she founds is slightly more crowded than she had been aware of!

The next chapter will begin soon, so please look forward to it! <3


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