Page 102

Page 102

I felt that it was time for some exposition to explain a bit about the catperson superpowers of this world. I might just explain a bit more in these notes, since I’m trying not to cram too many details into the comic itself.

The “body mass alteration” technique is something that pretty much all catgirls* can do. I didn’t show Charon teaching it to Emilia because this part of the story has already taken much longer than I intended. Evidently it’s not that difficult, even if Emilia is a quick learner and haven’t mastered it fully yet.

This power is also what Liatris used to gain superhuman speed and strength during the one-sided fight with the cops earlier. Although the cat-transformation also grants increased physical abilities, such as strength and speed, as well as much improved reflexes, this physical change won’t go far beyond the physical limits of ordinary humans. That is, an ordinary person might transform and find themselves as strong as a world-class athlete (not that this world has anything like world championships anymore), but they won’t become a comic book superhero.

“Body mass alteration” allows the user to go beyond human limits. Lightning speed and fists of steel. And so, catpeople who have taught themselves to apply their powers to combat are fearsome opponents indeed.


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