Kurt (Police Minion A): 
Bert! Did
you see that?

Bert (Police Minion B):  See what?

Kurt: Those readings
just now!

Bert: There's nothing
there, Kurt.

Kurt: There it is again!
Look, it's close!  

Bert: That's just noise. When a tail
is active, it gets way bigger.

Kurt: Don't underestimate
them, Bert! They're sneaky!

Bert: Alright, let's keep
a close watch.

Page 107

Kurt and Bert, the latest of the unremarkable lackeys of law enforcement. They are doing what Charon warned about, monitoring the area for any signs of dimension-bending activity. But in the after match of a gravity storm, space will be unstable enough that their instruments will pick up on things that are unrelated to any use of superpowers.

Well, it also means that low level gravity bending is pretty safe.

As for the signals that Kurt and Bert are picking up, it’s not quite in the league of the typical unleashing of catgirl superpowers. In any event, it’s hardly a spoiler to say that things will end badly for Kurt and Bert.


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