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Page 115

Charon and nir siblings are named after Pluto’s five moons. I wouldn’t say there is much of a deeper meaning behind this, but I think it does say something about what kind of system they are. That is, they seem to have a strong sense of shared identity. That is, being parts of a single whole is likely to be a core feature of their identities, though they also recognize themselves as being separate from each other (or they would all be Charon). This is somewhat different from a situation where headmates very strongly wish to emphasize the difference between each other, in order to develop their own individual identities. Of course, it’s entirely possible that this particular have more members that aren’t mentioned. It’s not even a question that needs to have a definite answer anyway.

For the record, “500 percent charge” isn’t a real quantification of anything. By Charon’s logic, five people giving their all would add up to 500 percent. But it doesn’t mean they are 500 percent stronger by any objective measure.




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    Charon is so anime. I love nem.

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