Page 119

Page 119

Hello friends! I happen to be down with a cold this week. Well, we think it’s a common cold, but in times like these you can never be too careful. Though we have already been doing our best to practice social distancing, we’ll be in full isolation mode until we’re symptom-free again.

I was gonna do some comment on today’s page, but brain is sluggish due to illness. I think I did pretty well to schedule the update as usual, at least.

Take care, people!


3 thoughts on “Page 119”

  1. Meoi Lass says:

    Such a sad page…
    The casualties of “innocences” in a Just war are truly heartbreaking.

    Very strong actiony page though, good job, looks great!

    Oh, and…
    Um…last thought bubble, would make more sense as “all out”
    Out, meaning to bring their best weapons and strongest force to the fight.
    “All in” sounds like they are making a bet, or gambling.
    Probably shouldn’t have said anything, what with it being retcon!
    Meoi Lass

    1. Meoi Lass says:

      you are feeling better, too!

    2. nyanby says:

      Thank you,
      And yeah, you’re right. I may have used the wrong expression. English is difficult, after all. At least it kinda fits my image of Charon, as someone who often misunderstands phrases

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