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Page 120

Hello everyone!

I was sick last week, but I feel much better now. Maybe I’ll finally catch up on stuff I’ve been meaning to do for a while. Then again, I always think that…

On topic of today’s page: Charon is surrounded by officers led by a cyborg with a cybernetic arm which is probably real dangerous. The rest of him might be cybernetic too, but with his outfit there is no way to know for sure.

By the way, I dunno if I mentioned this before but cyborg parts do fall under the same category of mostly illegal body modifications as Emilia’s cat transformation. Cybernetic body modifications are heavily regulated. If any ordinary citizen were to get robot parts like our captain Plåt, they would face the same consequences as anyone who becomes a catperson.

But there are exceptions for those who work in the police or military, who may be allowed to install powerful cybernetic enhancements for combat purposes. So there are a number of cyborg cops. There are no catgirl cops, because the effects of the cat transformation are harder to control. But the same laws on unauthorized body transformation applies to both situations.

As an aside, lighter body modifications like plastic surgery, or tattoos or piercings, are also regulated under this law. But permission for these things are much easier to obtain, and penalties are not very severe. Still, law enforcement may use these laws as an excuse to harass anyone they want to give a hard time.


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