Page 122

Page 122

The “purple voice” does have a name by now, but since it hasn’t been stated yet in the comic, the transcript just notes it as “Purple” for now.

It’s current role is to help Emilia dissociate from her emotions until they have gotten away from dangers. Emilia is a very anxious girl, so her invisible companion has it’s work cut out. And though it’s objective is to keep Emilia focused on what’s in front of her, it’s right about Charon. Although Charon is the kind of person to put others before nemself to the point of self-sacrifice, ne wouldn’t be attacking the city police forces just to help two girls ne barely knows. It’s probably more a matter of killing two birds with one stone.

Either way, ne needs to value nir own life more.


2 thoughts on “Page 122”

  1. Meoi Lass says:

    Ooo. Again, like always, it is amazing to read such an epic story, with real, and accurate portrails of emotional diolouge. I hope the two girls make it out safely. And Charon! I hope ne is able to escape safe too. Hopefully Sun Tzu’s advise is still applicable, about facing greater numbers of opponents…
    Stay safe!
    -meoi lass

    1. nyanby says:

      Hey I’m really happy you like it! Apparently I don’t get notifications for comments posted, so I totally missed your comments. But yeah, I’m glad you’re enjoying the comic. <3

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