Page 124

Page 124

After writing this page, I realized that “tunnel” is probably not the correct term here. What they’re walking through is more of a corridor, really. English is difficult. But I usually leave such things as they are, even when I catch them, because I think it makes sense that people are not walking dictionaries and won’t know the right word all the time anyway.

Well, it’s time for events to unfold. The floor appears to be turning, though by now we know that this probably isn’t quite what’s happening.


2 thoughts on “Page 124”

  1. It looks like she stabbed her toe on something sharp, is she going to be okay 😢

    1. nyanby says:

      Hmm, just a deficiency in my artistic skills, I suppose. It’s supposed to represent “to suddenly loose footing”. She didn’t stab her foot.

      As for whether she is going to be ok, that’s another matter. She will make it out alive, is all I can really say right now

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