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Update: It seems the scheduled update failed again. WordPress is giving me trouble and I really should go somewhere else, except I know nothing about this stuff and I have no idea what to do.

On an unrelated note, things are just getting worse in the US. I can’t do much from here, though of course I’ll use the little social media presence I have to signal boost important stuff.

Also I want to make my stance clear, which is that Black lives matter, All Cops are Bad, and those who fight back against them are heroes.

The authorities always like to use a crisis as a pretext for trying out new methods to control people. Gravity technology is very expensive to operate after the cataclysm, so implementing something like this “Gravitronic Boundary Field” would be extremely wasteful. Not to mention increasing the risk of the Shielding system failing again.

But the government is more concerned with enforcing their order, than they are about keeping people safe, and somewhere it was decided that the trade-off was acceptable.


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