Page 131

Page 131

The reason he isn’t using a gun is really that I don’t want to deal with Emilia getting shot. Though I would also say that the cop guy finds it more satisfying to beat up his victims. And despite what he said, he doesn’t see Emilia as a threat. He knows that catgirls are supposed to be dangerous, and he also accuses Emilia of killing his brother. But he as a member of a policing force, he is used to treating alleged danger as mainly something that he uses to rationalize and justify his own cruelty and brutality. If he was actually genuinely afraid, he wouldn’t have moved out to confront Emilia in the first place.

Well, he is lucky that our girl really is helpless. If he’d tried this with a more experienced feline, like Charon or Liatris, he would be dead in seconds. And even Emilia would have the physical abilities to defend herself, but she is mentally fragile and currently frozen in place.


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  1. Anon22614 says:

    One question, what if his sense of duty (although misplaced,and warped) is stronger than his fear? Ignoring for a moment his obvious lack of thought, overreactions, and unfortunately small viewpoint, as well as past and current atrocities.
    I think he still would have moved to stop Emilia.

    Hmmm. He is definitely lucky to be alive still though. I suspect most people are, in that world/City.

    1. nyanby says:

      Hard to say. Looking at real life, there are plenty of incidents where police have not intervened during actual extreme violent crime, presumably because they didn’t feel it worth risking their own hides. First example that comes to mind is Breivik’s massacre, police just let him massacre dozens of people while they waited it out.

      Then again, it may be that they simply don’t consider it part of their duties to stop white supremacist terrorism and that’s why they wouldn’t step in.

      I do think, that if he really believed that Emilia was dangerous, he’d probably use a gun or something.

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