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Page 136

We were kinda down last week (felt rather terrible, in fact) but this week we began our next progesterone cycle, and our mood improved almost instantly. It’s quite amazing, to be honest. We didn’t expect it to be quite this an effective antidepressant. I mean, the doctors kept insisting it probably wouldn’t do anything for us, and only reluctantly prescribed it after we kept insisting. But like, the difference it makes is pretty neat. Now if it would also make our tits grow bigger, that would be amazing (but I keep my expectations low on that front).


To say something about today’s comic page: I’m pleased to finally introduce Emilia’s other headmate. For those who haven’t experienced this, it may seem rather unbelievable (and indeed, even when you have experienced it), but it’s just one of those things that happens in this world. Sometimes you discover that there are other people in your head. They come out of nowhere, and then they’ve always been there.

In case anyone is wondering, there is a reason why Emilia looks like her physical self, but this new person looks rather different.

It’s because Emilia is the one who has been piloting the body, and she is used to thinking as her body as herself. Her headmate, in contrast, has been dissociated from the body for a very long time. So her self-image isn’t tied to the body at all.

As for the one named Echo, it doesn’t have a sense of self and no self-image. It is just a voice.

Yeah, all this is very much based on a real story.


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