Page 141

Page 141

Hello dear friends and readers!

I’m actually making progress with my comic. I mean, I always was but now I can see it more clearly. I reached another milestone, you could say. I’m finished with the first part of the story, though it will be a few months before we catch up. And now I will, for some time, try to focus on planning the next part, and try to figure out how long this comic is actually going to be.

It turned out to need a lot more pages than I initially expected. I had no prior experience with comics, so estimating was hard. At this point, I’d say, I could be anywhere from 20-50 per cent done. It’s hard to say, even if I have the rough story outlined. Which is why I will try to plan it more properly from here on.

Well, you will here more from me about this in a few months, when we get to the last page of this chapter.


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