Page 156

Page 156

Emilia is experiencing the very strange feeling of having someone else using her body for the first time. You get used to it, but when you’re new to it, it’s quite an experience. And it’s not something that school prepares you for. At once being yourself but somewhere else, and being here but someone else. It’s weird and wonderful, even when it eventually turns into something quite mundane.

In other news, there are now two pages left on the current chapter. I don’t know if I’ll manage to post updates as usual since it coincides with Jul and New Years. But either way, this comic will have to take a vacation soon as I don’t have any more pages at the moment. I’m trying to properly prepare the rest of the storyline. I honestly didn’t intent for this part to go on for 158 pages. But I was new to creating a story like this, so it was hard to really plan it out. But now that I’ve gotten more experience, I’ll try to see how I can use this going forward.

And because disability, it will always be hard to predict how much time I need for stuff. But I’d say, don’t expect the Gravity Break to resume until at least spring or summer. I’ll try to keep you updated on my Patreon, and of course I plan to post here once the comic does resume.

Maybe I should’ve waited to post this until two pages later? But I never know when my brain will let me write this many words.


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