Page 157

Page 157

Hello everyone! Sorry about the delay. I wanted to post this last week, but then stuff happened and delays occurred. Since there is now only one page left of the current chapter, after which the comic will be on a hiatus while I work on coming chapters, I won’t try to to keep to any weekly schedule for it. I’ll just post it some day, hopefully this week or next, when I feel up to it.

And then, I’m going to rethink how I will be going about this for the future. While I’m proud of myself for managing to (mostly) stick to a weekly updates schedule for this long, I am not sure if it’s the right approach for me from here on. The reason I’m proud of it is also the reason it is hard for me to maintain, especially since my life situation has changed so much compared to when I started on this comic.

So I’m considering two alternatives. Either I’ll just go full ADHD and just make posts whenever, at no predetermined schedule. Which would be more convenient for me, but less so for my readers. The upside (for readers as well as for myself) is that I would always have the time to proofread and edit the comic one more time before posting it. It would also make it easier to write something interesting here, because I’d be making the post when I’m in a mood where I can write stuff.

Or perhaps I’ll start posting one chapter at a time. I’m kinda interested in doing it this way, because I think it would somewhat affect how I think while creating the comic. At the same time, it might make the project feel too big to me, and just make executive dysfunction worse. And there would be a long wait between updates.

So I’m not sure how I’ll do it yet.


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