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Page 32

When you’re autistic, you will often hear that you shouldn’t “use your autism as an excuse”. Much rarer is it that anyone actually accept this excuse. Contrary to popular belief, people are not more forgiving to you when you’re autistic.

Still, sometimes, we find that we have no choice but to tell some pitiful story about ourselves, in the hope that we will be shown any sort of mercy, even if it’s the most humiliating kind. And even then, we know that it probably won’t work.


4 thoughts on “Page 32”

  1. Mellanvärld says:

    Mustache twirling level of evil

    1. Nyanby says:

      Not to mention those nefarious eyebrows

  2. Meoi Lass says:

    As an autistic individual, I really relate to the authors note in the description. Many people have accused me and others of using our autism as an excuse, even when not. Back in middle school I remember making up rediculus sob stories to be allowed to leave a classroom, even when the real reason was sensory integration disorder and ASD.

    On another note, I just started reading this comic, and it is going on my list of favorite webcomics ever. Found it by tv tropes under transgender-webcomics.
    Meoi Lass

    1. nyanby says:

      Hi, Meoi! Thank you for your comment. It makes me really happy to hear you enjoy my comic. Especially when it’s other autistic and queer people finding it relatable. It’s why I keep doing this. <3

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