Page 5

Page 5

Erin is getting a text from Minkah, who is a close friend of the two. Minkah is very respectful of their friends boundaries. They ask if it’s ok to come earlier, and make sure to include “spoiler” for the gift they’re bringing, so that their friends can choose to be surprised or not (surprises can be very stressful for autistic people).

And gosh, Emilia and Erin as so cute together and I love them.


4 thoughts on “Page 5”

  1. Roscoe says:

    omg i dk about cat brain but as a trans i can definitely relate to the transition feels of “WHAT EVEN FITS ME NOW” XD

    1. Nyanby says:

      I know, right! And Emilia transformed completely overnight and also she has a tail now, so that’s not making things easier. xD

      1. Nezumi says:

        Autistic trans girl kitties? Yay! I’m an autistic trans girl mousie! Though, sadly, not actually wiffa ears or tail or cute buck teeth.

      2. Nyanby says:

        Hi autistic trans girl mouse! I’m so glad you found your way here!

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