Page 69

Page 69

This is one of my favorite pages. Partly because, with most of the comic so far taking place at night, it’s nice to get to draw something bright and colorful for a change. I also really enjoy drawing strange creatures. But more than that, the story that begins here gives me a lot of emotions.


2 thoughts on “Page 69”

  1. Olivia Magus says:

    Can I just say I was more interested by the “EU and endangered species” bit? Like, this is cool too, but it seemed like there was something going on there.

    1. Nyanby says:

      You can say that, buy the truth is that my reason for even mentioning that was mostly just to show something about Erin’s and Charon’s personalities. The fact that Erin starts infodumping while Charon was really interested in her personal connection to the Aquarium, is what I think really matters. I’m not sure there is very much of interest to say about the Aquarium itself, though it’s not wrong to be curious about it of course.

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