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Page 83

The bloodthirsty guy is named Stig, just for the record. Mostly he is just insecure and trying to act tough. Which doesn’t make him any less dangerous, of course. It’s just that his real motivations are different from the image he wishes to project. Niki knows this and is just tired of his bullshit.

In other news, for those who might have missed this: I am celebrating the summer heat (though I actually hate sun and heat) by drawing the Gravity Break characters in a beach setting. First out is Emilia, who is looking really adorable in her swimsuit.

As for who I will be drawing next, this will be decided by my poll on my Patreon, where you can vote if you are subscribed to my Patreon. And if you aren’t a patron yet, you can become one for as little as 1$ a month. Then you get to view most of my Patron-exclusive content AND vote in the aforementioned poll. And I will draw you a chibi thing, if you ask.


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