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Commissions are open. Current prices and examples of what you can get can be seen below. Note that all these prices are a starting point, and the price might be higher depending on the nature of the commission. For example, the prices are assuming that you already have a design for a character you want me to draw. If you want me to design something for you, this is additional work and it will cost more.

Sketch:  20$

Lineart: 31$

Flat color + simple background: 36$

Full color + shading + simple background: 51$

For more of my art, including finished commissions, see the Gallery.

Anything else not listed: Please ask! If you want something not listed here, be it a sketch but with colors, or a drawing but not full body, or a profile picture, or a comic, or anything else, we’ll work something out.

Contact info:

You can get in touch with me by leaving a comment (won’t be published unless you want me to) including your email adress, and I’ll send you an email. Or you can DM my twitter account, @GravityBreakCat. Or send me a message on my Patreon.

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